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Everything exsist now within this latest update in some shape or form. Most of it's complete, some especialy towards the end you will notice is not. I got rid of a few bugs as well. The dialog sometime gets repeated and the characters names and expressions haven't been done yet and the three extra items don't have any colour.

Just a note on how to play - to give the guard your train ticket you need to press it and then press the hand button and the click over the guard. To combine items it's more or less the same, you just click the item and then drag it over the item in your inventory you want to combine it with. To use the ice pack of rage guy you just do the same thing as with the guard. Annoying some thing were deciding not to work today and the only was around it was to use some dirty tricks but hopfully they're not that visible as I didn't have the time to investigate other methods.
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JDWasabi Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
My god I can't stop replaying it LOL.
Lubrian Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
*parties on the page*
i cant believe that we did all this.. its such an incredible piece of work.. i really feel proud of everyone involved.

and great great great work mike, i know youve been working really hard on the engine and it has totally paid off. this is an incredible achievement. there arent that many errors left to fix now. I WANT TO PLAY AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!!

the only thing i want to add to what jade has to say is more aimed at the project in general, but i think we really need a loading bar/screen because there was nothing but a blank white screen for about 5 minutes before the game was loaded and ready to play. and also for the typing sounds, can we extend them somehow to fit the entire line of text? its bugs me a tiny bit that it stops before the text does XD
JDWasabi Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Lol sorry abt the typing audio. It's such a minor thing but if it's irritating I shall try and work it out on the final version, can't do anything now XD

And WOOOOP. We are just awesome ;D

Thanks man!
Lubrian Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
oh hallo thar jade!

np its not a hugely annoying thing, it might just be a slight OCD thing of mine but i wouldnt worry about it for the first deadline like you say :D

aw yeah!
JDWasabi Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
JDWasabi Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
- Also noted that the sprites expressions aren't fully tweaked yet. I didn't just ignore that XD.

Really, really impressive, amazing and fantastic work. Seeing the whole thing being put together brings me such joy. :iconcryforeverplz:
JDWasabi Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
- Cutscene missing some full stops: My name is Yu, Incident at A&E, Well here I am.
- Name tag (same font/size as Inventory)
- Inventory menu tweaking
- What happened to the arrow button for the dialogue box XD?
- Audio transitions fade in/out in bar, visual fade in of bar is missing
- Character sprites fade in/out?
- Phone rings - it on loop until Yu exits the bar. Clicking on the other characters (I should answer my phone).
- After Kemi’s phone call - going back to I-C change dialogue to drink
- Going back to room - black screen for some reason (after Kemi's call, before getting drink)
- After choosing the drinks menu - fade out a little longer to make it pause. [Day2 start?]
- Phone call [CU close up phone, answer YES/NO]?
- Bracketed dialogue font colour change
- Talking to old man - darken the bg? Implement for all dialogues with sprites. I've noticed that when you read the dialogue you don't look at the sprite's expressions as much so a darkened bg is needed to compensate.
- Bring the old man down in height a bit
- Audio cue for Ghost Month
- [For me] CHANGE DIALOGUE (I looked around and saw that the Old Man was staring at the empty seat across from him) to (seat next to him).

- Kenny theme for Kenny. Actually no it works where you put it, GOOD JOB.
- Mother’s sprite - no crying yet, just sad. Looks weird when she’s suddenly looking alright lol.
- NO option= Goes straight to “okay big bro” <= should be “I’m really sorry Kenny but that won’t be possible. Script doesn’t make a lot of sense when this is left out.
- Talk to Kenny again = show drawing with giraffe

- Rage guy = missing sprite on blocking the signal
[Is there a way to stop people from spamming the dialogue?]

Clicking on Kenny = dialogue ends with ‘not feeling well’ ← delete kenny’s dialogue so that
It keeps things the same with the other characters.
Actually no, keep this then we can keep looking at our drawing lol.

[YES] go to Why not…nothing else to do and I don’t feel like walking about ← fade out here? Pacing is too quick.
Cutscene fade out
CUTSCENE doesn’t sync with audio (visuals finish way too quickly????) fps = 24

Riko = (more) crying sprite
GOOD fade in/out to the bar
Remove audio for bar
[HURRY AUDIO throughout] Will get to it soon.

- Audio signifiers
- Press button to start defib?
- Dialogue for SUCCESS
- Dialogue for FAIL

- Kenny dialogue “why am I on the floor” change to “what happened?”
- Mother “you’re on the floor because” you just had an accident

OLD MAN SPRITE - add zzz’s
KENNY/RIKO- riko worried look, kenny ill look
RAGE GUY- first load of dialogue is missing
BARTENDER //(check for first dialogue), bleeding/plaster sprite
RAGE GUY remove the [] from dialogue
KEMI, black screen, no sprite, remove []

Audio SFX missing when the shadow appears

Colour ice cubes and towel.

Cutscene visuals is again very fast.

[Audio from OP to train, train could be lower in pitch]

2nd playthrough with downloaded swf file
Guard- clicking on other areas (I should give the guard my ticket….)
DAY2: Kemi phone call - you’re able to click on the bg before Yu talks to Kemi, make sure to disable the bg for this.
[Getting a lot of state errors?]
- Drawing pad to bar audio fade in
- //Actually maybe leave the dialogue for Kenny after Yu starts feeling sick. It’s fine.
- GM Cutscene still doesn’t sync up - visuals are still way too quick :/
- Slower fade in after the cutscene
[Audio ambi fade in after the defib]
-Rage guy skips first dialogue
- //Change dialogue for rage guy after you talk to him and before you give him the ice pack - it repeats the 2nd part of the dialogue to him asking for the ice pack.
-ENDING is still too quick
- If you actually click on the movie parts, it delays the cutscene by a frame or two.
- Even after waiting for the cutscene of the easteregg, tis’ still too quick.

For some reason when I play it on my Macbook, I click on the button for the 2nd page on the first blogologue and nothing happens :s

EXCELLENT WORK MAN!! Can't wait to see this all tweaked up and ready to go! Also bare in mind these comments are just some ramblings. Call me soon then I can talk you through them and prioritise them. THANK YOU!
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